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Massager for brushes with a ball.

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Energy channels located in the hands are connected with many organs, massaging the hands, we expose almost the entire body to a positive effect.

When working with a massager, the hand and fingers are effectively developed, numbness and pain in the muscles of the hand are removed, energy flows are aligned, the muscles of the hand and finger joints are strengthened, which prevents arthrosis and arthritis, tension and fatigue are relieved, and hand mobility improves.

The capillary blood flow increases, the vessels become toned, and the influx of oxygen to the tissues favorably affects the growth and development of nails.


5-10 minutes, as needed, almost anywhere.

From oriental medicine:

  • massaging the fingers of both hands helps in the fight against nervousness: index, middle or ring;
  • with heart disease, massage of the little finger helps;
  • with pressure massage of the middle fingers;
  • with colitis and constipation, massage of the index fingers helps;
  • with cervical osteochondrosis and headache, massage of the thumbs helps.

There is also a ball on the handle, which can also be used in massage techniques, it is very convenient for them to massage biologically active points, to work with triggers.

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