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Moxa coal 18 mm, 2 pcs.

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Moxotherapy, the second name jiu-therapy refers to the method of reflex therapy, where a wormwood cigar, i.e. moxa cauterize or warm the skin in BAT. Western and Eastern medicine differ in that the first one treats a specific disease, while the Eastern one assumes a pre-morbid condition, and eliminates it already at this stage.

Mugwort is more often used to make moxa, but in modern massage parlors and spas, it is sometimes not acceptable to use mugwort because of its smell, charcoal moxa can replace mugwort, they are also called smokeless moxas.

After warming up, blood circulation in the body improves, metabolic processes are activated, energy blocks and spasms are eliminated, internal forces are stimulated, immunity increases, nerves calm down, which leads to rejuvenation and slowing down aging.

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