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A set of stones in a heated case 20 pcs.

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A set of basalt stones for stone therapy in a case (20 pcs.)

Complete set:

Case for heating stones, 4 large round stones 8cm, 4 oval stones 8x6cm, 2 oval stones 6x5cm, 2 flat stones 5x3cm, 8 small stones 4x3cm.

The stone therapy set can be used at home for all family members. Ready for use in 15-20 minutes after being connected to a 220V network.

Warming up the body with volcanic rocks has a positive effect on the body. Volcanic rocks such as basalt are unique in that they combine four natural elements: air, fire, earth and water. Basalt is distinguished by the fact that it retains heat well and willingly shares its energy, which is why it is used in stone therapy throughout the world.

This technique is based on special touches, special massage with cold and hot stones using elements of shiatsu acupressure. Stone therapy has an amazing harmonizing and relaxing effect. You can feel the positive impact of such a massage on well-being after the first session.

Indications for use:

  • chronic fatigue
  • stress and depression
  • Different types of muscle pain
  • Circulatory problems
  • Arthritis
  • Cold
  • Metabolic disease
  • Insomnia
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