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Rubber vacuum jars, 4 pcs.

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Rubber Vacuum Cans

The kit includes 4 cans with diameters of 65, 50, 35 and 22 mm., For massage on different parts of the body: back, legs, face, neck, hands, elbows.

Before the massage, you need to warm the jars in hot water for ten minutes, while the jars become more elastic and the massage is painful. Skin areas are lubricated with massage oil - with straight, circular, zigzag movements, after which cups are placed on problem areas of the body.

The therapeutic effect is achieved due to the reduced pressure inside the can, the rush of blood and lymph to the skin from the tissues. Massage has a reflex effect on the vessels of internal organs. At the place of setting, biologically active substances are formed that stimulate the recovery and metabolic processes.

The main purpose of the cans is to help the massage therapist in therapeutic massage, in the prevention and treatment in the following cases: with various injuries, during body shaping procedures. Effectively used in cosmetic procedures. The main advantage is ease of use.

Contraindications: lung diseases, various tumors, skin diseases, hypertension of 3-4 degrees, blood diseases, heart arrhythmia. Banks are designed for both body and face. There are contraindications for placing cans on the spine, kidneys, heart, and mammary glands, as well as appendicitis and hernia.

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