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Bamboo vacuum jars 3pcs.

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Bamboo has been used since ancient times, the leaves served as a good antipyretic and expectorant, and the juice was used for epilepsy. Well, the unique antibacterial properties are still used in modern technologies. When working with a bamboo jar, thanks to the silicic acid contained in bamboo, regeneration and rejuvenation occurs with the skin.

Bamboo jars can be used in both therapeutic and cosmetic applications.

Bamboo cans are placed on the body in three ways:

- Until dry, the cans are heated from the outside with fire.

- Banks are boiled in a decoction with medicinal herbs for up to 20 minutes. You can then use fire to place the jars or by pressing against the skin, the jar is pressed until it is completely attached to the body.

- Banks are placed with the help of steam, this is a method of thermal action of the can on a certain area of ​​the body.

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