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Haci magnetic acupuncture cups 18 pcs.

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Magnetic acupuncture vacuum jars Haci (Hashi) 18 pcs. Without a book (can be in electronic form)

Chinese traditional medicine has become famous all over the world. There are many means of treating diseases of the human body using methods that are different from those offered by traditional medicine.

Magnetic banks can be used in medical institutions, as well as at home. They are used in such therapeutic methods as zhen chiu therapy, acupressure, magnetotherapy, acupressure. This treatment refers to reflexology, the foundations of which are based on bioenergetics.

Mode of application:

First, at the point where the impact will be made, the required amount of ointment is applied. With the thumb, forefinger and middle fingers, they take the magnetic suction cup by the balloon, squeeze it with force with the thumb to squeeze out the air, then apply it to the required point and slightly increase the pressure, when the edges of the transparent cup of the suction cup are in full contact with the skin, unclench the fingers.

A suction cup is left on each point for approximately 10-15 minutes. Too long exposure may cause blistering. If, nevertheless, a blister appears, you do not need to open it. After a while, it will pass, but the next time you place a magnetic jar, you should change the point. If the blister breaks, it is necessary to disinfect the place of the break with a swab treated in an alcohol solution, be careful, a large amount of alcohol can lead to a chemical burn.

With "light pricking" at each point, you can leave the suction cup for more than 30 minutes. For safety net, the bank can be installed in two steps for 15 minutes with a break of 5 minutes. When placing magnetic suction cups on the face, there may be traces that are easy to smooth out with your hands or apply a warm towel. The placement of magnetic suction cups on the face area is best done repeatedly and for a short time (for 1 minute, then again - more than 10 times). After use, the suction cups are wiped with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol.

The course of treatment is 10 days. The action of magnetic suction cups is based on the principle of skin retraction due to the resulting reduced pressure inside the jar. A beam of magnetic field lines penetrates approximately 6-9 cm deep into the human body. A sharp metal magnetic cone acts on a point similarly to an acupuncture needle, but without penetrating the skin. Each jar has its own suction cup and strong magnet. The reduced pressure created by the jar contributes to the activation of blood circulation, the normalization of osmotic pressure in cells, the supply of oxygen and nutrients to tissues and organs.

Magnetic suction cups do not damage the skin, the patient completely lacks the feeling of fear of the needle, which is characteristic of classical acupuncture. At the same time, the use of magnetic cups is a sterile, safe, painless method of zhen chiu therapy. The tip of the magnetic jar has anti-toxic and anti-inflammatory properties. Different sizes of cans are needed to work with all parts of the body.

In the treatment of ordinary pain syndromes, it is only necessary to find the point correctly, already 10-15 minutes after the installation of the suction cup in accordance with the scheme and taking into account the interaction of the poles of the magnets, a positive therapeutic effect is observed. During the procedure, it is recommended to drink 250 grams of water to increase the therapeutic effect of cupping therapy. In the most common diseases, a positive effect usually appears after 1-2 treatment sessions. Magnetic suction cups promote blood circulation and harmonize Yin and Yang.

A special method of using magnetic suction cups allows you to "cleanse" the main energy channels of the body - the anterior and posterior median meridians.

Application for specific diseases:

Pain in various parts of the body. Inflammation near the shoulder region (peraphryte), lumbago, rheumatism. Pain in the lower back (hyperplasia of the lumbar vertebrae, protruding intervertebral discs, torn lumbar muscles). Diseases of the cervical vertebrae (spondylosis). Rheumatic arthritis.

Impotence, prospermia, prostatitis, frequent urination. Nephritis (nephrolithiasis).

Painful and abnormal menses, dysmenorrhea, mastitis, breasts.

Consequences of apoplexy (lower limbs). Hypertension, hyperlipemia (high blood lipids). Diabetes.

Bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma, common cold, cough, pneumonia, pollen allergy.

Gastritis and gastric ulcer, constipation, hepatitis of the second degree, cholelithiasis, kidney stones.

Disease of the heart (myocardium) and coronary arteries. Elevated cholesterol and triglyceride.

Neuritis of the facial nerve, after stroke, paralysis, trigeminal nerve disease, sciatic neuralgia, senile dementia, infantile paralysis.

Headache and insomnia, toothache, eye diseases, tinnitus, sinusitis, obesity.

Designations of coloring of an imprint of medical jars:

Purple, black (dark): usually indicates poor circulation, menstrual irregularities

ation, blood stasis.

Violet, spotting: usually indicates blockage of blood vessels due to prolonged exposure to cold.

Violet chaotic broken lines: usually indicate a delay in the circulation of vital forces, stagnation of blood.

Bright red: usually indicates a lack of Yin energy, Qi and blood, or irritability due to a lack of Yin.

Dark red: usually indicates a high level of oily blood or the presence of harmful qi energy.

Light gray: cold touch, empty cold syndrome (yang deficiency), or the presence of harmful qi energy.

Damage or itching is observed on the skin: indicates a cooling of the body, a cold.

The use of magnetic suction cups can cause pain and sometimes blistering. But it speaks volumes about the effectiveness of the treatment. The pain from needles and the pain caused by the disease are completely different phenomena. And the appearance of blisters is the result of the release of toxins.


  • Pregnant women should only use under medical supervision.
  • Patients with a pacemaker.
  • Patients with hemophilia, thrombophlebitis, and other diseases that easily cause bleeding.
  • Do not use on an open wound surface.
  • People with metal allergies.


The set includes: detailed instructions in Russian, containing diagrams for placing cans depending on the disease, 18 suction cups of various sizes, a convenient carrying and storage case, ointment. Further, it is possible to use any ointment or baby cream, we recommend using Vaseline.

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