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Balm "Smoke"
The composition is kept secret, but it is known that it contains extracts of: wild cobra, black snake, golden ring snake, centipede, black spider, scorpion, bee.Application: rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, sciatica, omarthritis, osteoarthritis, sciatic neuralgia, after stroke paralysis of the arms..
390.00р. Ex Tax: 390.00р.
Nano-palm tincture for zhen-ju therapy, 12 ml
It is an alternative to acupuncture, only without needles, with an amazing healing effect! The tincture penetrates through the pores, stimulates blood circulation and relaxes muscles and joints, activating blood circulation and preventing blockage of blood vessels.Use in diseases: rheumatism, headac..
520.00р. Ex Tax: 520.00р.
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Pain-relieving balm "Oil dragon"
Contains natural vegetable oils.It is used to relieve pain (thoracic, abdominal, rheumatic, in the neck). With lumbosacral sciatica, osteochondrosis, bruises, sprains, pain in the muscles after exercise, with mosquito bites, mosquitoes and bees.Application: put a few drops on the sore spot and massa..
390.00р. Ex Tax: 390.00р.
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