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Su Jok therapy

Su Jok therapy is one of the innovations in reflexology. The technique was developed by the South Korean professor Pak Je-woo in accordance with the traditions of onnuri medicine. “Su” in Korean means “hand”, and “Jok” means foot, which means that the essence of Su Jok therapy implies a point impact on the projection of diseases on the skin of the extremities. The surfaces of the hand and foot contain a huge number of receptor points that are associated with various organs, stimulating which with the help of needles, the reflexologist seeks to cure the patient of the disease. Su Jok therapy is also distinguished by the possibility of a non-invasive effect on the body - using massagers, magnets, seeds of medicinal plants, applicators.

Today, the technique has received a comprehensive development, and receptor points have also been found on the auricle, tongue, and scalp. Being an analogue of the body control panel, the receptor fields become a place for the Su Jok therapist to work. Acupuncture and other actions taken by a specialist fight neurological, gynecological, dermatological, ophthalmological diseases. The technique is effective in acute and chronic diseases associated with the respiratory system, metabolic disorders, cardiovascular diseases.

The Su Jok system has established itself as an effective and completely safe option for acupuncture, which can be used for patients of any age. When exposed to the rules of Su Jok therapy, the therapeutic effect is achieved quickly, pronouncedly, without negative consequences for the body. The system is absolutely universal and can be used for a number of different diseases, because the main principle of Su Jok is that each organ can be cured through its corresponding structural unit - a reflex point.

The duration of any outpatient treatment courses is reduced by about half with the joint appointment of procedures from the Su Jok system. At the first appointment, the therapist examines the patient and determines his features. Further, in accordance with the diagnosis, the duration and number of sessions, as well as the method of exposure, are prescribed. Self-mastery of the Su Jok therapy technique is dangerous, it is better to trust the experts.