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Being one of the oldest ways to get rid of various diseases and their symptoms, moxotherapy is successfully used to influence the biologically active points of the body with the help of smoldering cigars - mox, which gave the name to the method.

There are two ways in which reflexologists act on a biologically active point: non-contact and contact. In the first case, moxa does not touch the point of impact, but only approaches it at a distance of a couple of centimeters. During the procedure, the patient experiences a warm tingling sensation. The contact method is characterized by direct contact with smoldering moxa, which is separated from the skin by a thin plate.

Most often, moxas are made from the leaves of wormwood, which is a natural antioxidant, but many plants can be used to make such cigars, including edelweiss, mint, juniper, and nettle. The smoke of medicinal plants kills harmful microorganisms, reduces tissue swelling, relaxes and warms, and also increases the effectiveness of other therapeutic manipulations.

The basic effect that is achieved by the course of moxibustion is to stimulate blood circulation and improve the general well-being of the patient. Additionally, there is an activation of metabolic processes, a positive effect on the skin and respiratory organs. In addition, moxibustion has a mild and safe sedative effect.

In countries with a cold climate, moxibustion is recommended to almost all residents without exception - only it, without harmful consequences, is able to fight nervous, catarrhal diseases that occur in conditions of lack of sunlight and heat. Chronic diseases associated with inflammatory processes, disorders of the reproductive, nervous, respiratory systems are also successfully cured when a course of moxotherapy is included in the treatment process.

Only a doctor of Tibetan medicine can correctly determine the points for cauterization. He discovers them in the process of palpation of the patient, referring to his reaction. The points, when exposed to which the patient experiences pain or pleasant sensations, the doctor recognizes as the place of origin of vascular disease.

Treatment with wormwood cigars is safe not only for adults, but also for the elderly and young children. In all cases, it has a noticeable positive effect on the human condition. Contraindications are fever, as well as infectious diseases.