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Gua Sha massage

Russian reflexologists enthusiastically strive to learn new effective methods of healing the human body, but if we talk about the Guasha massage technique, it can hardly be called a novelty in the world of reflexology. Guasha massage has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for over five thousand years. Thanks to the special technology of the procedure, the procedure has practically no contraindications. In China, Guasha massage is considered one of the factors that determine longevity and physical activity until old age.

The name "Gua Sha" in Chinese means "scrape off all diseases", and the name should be taken literally: a small scraper is used for the procedure - a jade or horn plate, which acts on the skin, previously coated with a special oil. In particular, the impact is carried out on the skin of the body, face, head, as well as the reflex zones of the extremities.

Almost immediately after the start of the procedure, red areas become visible on the skin, in which patients previously noted pain or discomfort. These areas in the Chinese tradition are called "sha" and symbolize the negative manifestations of the disease, which disappear from the surface of the skin in 2-3 days and take pain with them. During a massage session, the patient experiences pleasant warmth, and the pathological processes inside the body stop.

The list of diseases that reflexologists fight with using the Guasha technique is extensive: these are gynecological, colds, and cardiovascular diseases. Guasha massage is effective in case of joint dysfunction, congestion.

Gouache massage is used not only to combat the listed diseases and pathologies, it perfectly stimulates metabolic processes and removes toxins from the body. The result of the massage is a noticeable cleansing and rejuvenation of the skin, an increase in immunity and the body's resistance to infections.

After the massage session, patients are prescribed only a warm drink. Due to the fact that the effect of massage is comparable to the state of the body after a long distance race, it is recommended to rest and recuperate. The Guasha massage course usually consists of 5-10 sessions.