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Creole bamboo massage

Originating in the heart of the Indian Ocean, on the island of Mauritius, Creole bamboo massage for most of its 5,000 years of existence was distributed only in a limited area, becoming widespread in Europe and other countries only in the 20th century. The name of the technique immediately reveals its feature - the session is carried out using special sticks made of natural bamboo. Also during the procedure massage oils of tropical plants are used. It is best to do a massage a few minutes after water procedures, saunas, baths.

By applying oils to the patient's body and rubbing the skin with a bamboo stick, the reflexologist warms up his muscle tissue. Then, taking both sticks in his hands, the specialist, accompanied by rhythmic Creole music, makes light blows on the heated area of ​​the patient's body with a frequency of up to 120 beats per minute. The frequency of strokes and the duration of the session is determined by the condition of the skin and blood vessels. Creole music with ethnic motifs relaxes the patient, allowing you to achieve the maximum effect of the procedure. Inside the sticks there is grain or coarse sand, which, when struck, causes vibration, which, coupled with rhythm, is a factor in the benefits of massage. It is best to complete the Creole massage procedure with blue clay applications or algae wraps.

Creole bamboo massage is effective for muscle tension, nervous or asthenic conditions, insomnia, pain syndromes. Its main action is the acceleration of metabolic processes, resulting in rapid weight loss, removal of puffiness, improvement of skin removal. Stretching and rubbing movements with a bamboo stick improve microcirculation and lymph flow, tone up the condition of the limbs and back. A distinctive feature of the technique is also the fact that it is used not only for medicinal purposes, but also for prevention or achieving a cosmetic effect.

Despite the obvious advantages of the Creole bamboo massage technique, it has a number of serious contraindications, which are not recommended to be neglected. Among the diseases in which massage cannot be done are oncology, blood diseases, inflammatory processes and disorders in the work of the heart and blood vessels. Check with your doctor before booking a massage session.